Solar Wholesale imports solar powered products made in China, and distributes throughout North America. We supply innovative, quality and affordable solar products:

  • Solar Chargers

  • Solar Toys

  • Solar Garden Lights

  • Solar Bags

  • Solar Lanterns

  • Solar Flashlights

  • Promotional Items


Solar Wholesale, we have a mission.

  • Educate solar as an alternative energy

  • Encourage daily and frequent use of solar energy

  • Reinforce renewable energy product development

We deliver solar products to our customer’s specific need. Please feel free to contact us if there is a product that we can help you to plug into the sun, we would be happy to help you to evaluate whether solar could be a power solution.

Solaration™ Trade Mark

Solar Wholesale has registered Solaration Trade Mark with USPTO in 2014. Solaration™ is a reflection of our mission to Solarize Things for Better World. Products sold with Solaration™ are covered with 1 year product warranty.

Solaration™ is employed as water marks on the current pictures at our This is a way we protect our images and limit its distribution only to our buyers. After your purchase, we can send you original pictures without water marks upon requests after your purchase.

Our Trade Mark Counsellor:


Our Pattern and other legal Counsellor:


For more information, please call 720 890 0282.


One beautiful fall afternoon I picked up my four-year-old Joshua from school. As we were enjoying the scenic view, I started to talk with him.

"Joshua," I said, "We are going to visit China in a couple of weeks. Do you remember when you were there last year?"

He seemed to be remembering his visit and thinking about something important. "What a pity. China doesn't have blue skies and white clouds like this anymore," I continued.

"Mmh," he thought for a moment and responded seriously, "Mommy, I don't want to go to China."

"Oh my dear. Why?" I asked.

"Because it doesn't have blue skies and white clouds like Colorado," he affirmed.